Setting acrylic yarn

Heat-setting line for carpet - rugs & mats in acrylic (PAN) and blends

For acrylic carpets (PAN) with straight yarns, the LV3 line is the solution

The LV3 line is especially adjusted for acrylic yarns (or blends with other fibres) requiring low treatment temperatures.
It differs from a TVP3 line by the absence of tunnel under pressure since the yarns can be treated under atmospheric pressure.
This significantly reduces the investment cost.

A typical LV3 line is composed of a coiling head [DAV3] , three (or more) steamers [HEP3], one dryer [STV3] and one accumulator [MAT3].
Like in any other line, the yarn is coming from the creel [RAT3], and is taken-up by a winder [B401] at the line outlet.

The LV3 is now able to heat-set a bundle of up to 96 ends simultaneously, thanks to the 96 bobbins B401 winder latest version.

B401 automatic winder 96 ends
Superba - Acrylic set yarn carpet sample (cut view) pin-point effect

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