Space-dyeing carpet yarn
Superba - Dyed carpet yarns

To get multicolour carpets of high quality, the effect yarns need to alternate with short colour zones. SUPERBA's process enables to advantageously combine this dyeing operation with the setting of the yarn twist.

Tone-to-tone space dyed carpet
Tone-to-tone grey vintage aspect carpet
PET space dyed carpets

The spots can range from 5 mm to a few metres and imitate patterns traditionally carried out according to the knit-deknit process.. (knitting - dyeing - deknitting).

Superba - DAV3 Laying head with PRE3 pre-feeding device
Superba - PRE3 laying yarn on the conveyor belt
Superba - PRE3 laying yarn on the conveyor belt
PET space dyed carpets

SUPERBA has been developing for several years now, yarn continuous dyeing systems. The MCD/3 machine with 6 colours plus one base shade enables to carry out this type of effects on the yarns before heat setting them.

MCD/3 MCD/3 space dyeing machine (72 ends)

Depending on the type of material to dye, possibility to choose either:

  • saturated steam under pressure with TVP3 – 3S line for PET, PA6-66, WOOL and blends
  • › 30”-1.5 min heat-setting time / up to 270kgs/h
  • or an atmospheric steaming with a DL5 line for PAN, WOOL or PA6-66
  • › 3-5 min steaming time / up to 400kgs/h

Dyeing line with setting at atmospheric pressure (DL5)

The DL5 setting line by steaming guarantees a maximum production with a laying and treatment width of 500 mm.

Superba - Space-dyed yarn sample coming out of the DL5 setting line (long-space spots) Dyed yarns on the conveyor belt of a DL5 dyeing line

Polyester Space-dyed yarn


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