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Steaming machine for retractable/high bulk acrylic yarns

Superba - Knitting yarn bobbins
« High Bulk » acrylic yarn bobbins

Some machine-knitting yarns are spun in shrinkable acrylic (High Bulk) to get especially bulky yarns. Spun from different fibres, they contain an important proportion of shrinkable acrylic fibres.

Under the steam effect, these fibres shrink and compel the other fibres to frieze ; which significantly increases the yarn bulk. These either crude or dyed yarns require a saturated steam treatment at 100°C.

The UNIVAP steaming and shrinking machine is used for thin and average yarn counts.It individually treats yarns in pure acrylic or blends with wool  or PA polyamide fibres.


Superba - DUOVAP steaming and bulking machine for hand knitting yarn
DUOVAP shrinking machine

The machine is running 10 independent conveyor bands through the one central steaming chamber at 12m/min, with a laying speed of 1000m/min (800m/min at the output after shrinkage).

The production capacity with a 30 Nm yarn count is about 18Kg/h.


The UNIVAP offers a regular shrinking with a homogeneous quality from yarn to yarn.

Superba - Hand knitting yarn laid on the conveyor belts

In the machine-knitting field, the yarn is mostly wound on conical bobbins; therefore, the taking up speed is different from one bobbin to the other.

With their new “TUW” Twin-Univap-Winder, SUPERBA is now able to take-up two yarns coming out from the same band without breaking risk because of its original bobbin to bobbin high precision speed regulation system; thus, two yarns per band can be treated in the UNIVAP machine, almost DOUBLING its production capacity!

The production with a 30 Nm yarn count reaches close to 30Kg/h

Superba - Twin bobbin winder for the DUOVAP line (take-up of 2 yarns per band)
Take up winder (2 yarns per band)

With the DUOVAP system, combining the UNIVAP shrinking machine together with the TUW Twin-Univap-Winder, SUPERBA offers now with their two yarns per band process, a high level of production capacity with a quick return on investment.

Superba - DUOVAP complete line view with two winders
DUOVAP with 20 spindles winding positions


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