Domotex Gaziantep 2017
logo-domotex-gaziantep.jpgSUPERBA & VANDEWIELE were present @ Domotex Turkey in Gaziantep 22-25 May 2017



SUPERBA was present under the umbrella of their mother company VANDEWIELE at the 2017 edition of the Domotex Turkey fair, held in Gaziantep in May.


This exhibition was a tremendous success for all the brands present, and especially for SUPERBA.
Many new contracts were signed on the booth for TVP3 heat-setting lines and for MCD3 Space-dyeing machines.


The strong synergy that exist now between SUPERBA yarn activity and VANDEWIELE - COBBLE carpet manufacturing pole is a great way to show the customers what can be achieved in terms of new products.


With their MCD3 dyeing machine, SUPERBA is now able to space-dye acrylic yarn.
Combined with the latest technology from VANDEWIELE in weaving or from COBBLE in tufting technics, SUPERBA MCD3 and TVP3 are offering the carpet industry new perspectives for innovative products.


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