ITMA Barcelona 2019 fair report
ITMABCN2019/itma19-logo_transparent-bg.pngSUPERBA has exhibited exciting new developments during ITMA 2019 in Barcelona. Want to know more ?


SUPERBA S.A.S, member of the VANDEWIELE family of companies and world leader in heat-setting and space-dyeing for carpet yarn, was exhibiting at ITMA fair in Barcelona in the finishing Hall on a 430 m² stand.
This 2019 edition of the ITMA fair in Barcelona was a huge success for SUPERBA – VANDEWIELE.


This accomplishment is the result of not only the quality and the number of visitors, but mainly to the amazing interest shown by our customers in our two new major innovations, the new B403 winder, and the DHS3 hot-air heat-setting line.


Expanding its area of application beyond the carpet yarn field, the new SUPERBA B403 automatic winder marks a real technological breakthrough. With its individual spindle motorization drive, combined with a single tension sensor per position, the B403 enables a constant tension winding process, a very accurate bobbin length measuring as well as a unique quality control for each yarn position.
The winder can be manufactured from 24 to 96 bobbins, and more depending on the application; it opens up new opportunities in terms of winding quality for a wide range of yarn, including delicate ones such as low elasticity yarn.


Connected through cloud computing to the new VANDEWIELE TEXCONNECT supervision system, the B403 is part of the Factory 4.0 concept, provides readily-available data on yarn tension to supply the predictive maintenance and reduce yarn waste, allowing manufacturers to make the highest quality carpets at the most economic prices.


Its multi-layer process (patent pending) distinguishes the new hot-air heat-setting line DHS3. Results with our industrial partners are already clearly showing that this multi-layer heat-setting process provides an unequaled level of evenness and a highly homogenous fixation characteristic to the yarn. This new line, introduced as a complementary process to our well known pressurized saturated steam heat-setting line TVP3, enables the carpet manufacturer to explore new properties for different types of fibers (such as stain resistance, enhanced bulk,…) with a high energy saving and a reduced floor space


SUPERBA was exhibiting an improved version of their well-known TVP3 heat-setting line with saturated steam under pressure. Many ergonomic changes were implemented on the TVP3 line, such as a total access to the tightening head with the new sliding security cover or a footboard all along the line, among others.
TVP3s are now delivered with a new embedded control & supervision software. Thanks to the large color touchscreen, the user can recall predefined textile recipes to ensure a perfect reproducibility of the yarn treatment.


Much interest also for the MCD3 Space-dyeing machine shown in its latest version: the MCD/3 is capable of handling a layer of 72 ends with an unequalled range of spot lengths, especially for the ultra-short spots (< 25mm) thus enabling “one-pile/one-color” process on the carpet.
The MCD/3 can space-dye polyester, polyamide and viscose yarns in combination with the TVP3 heat-setting line, but also acrylic fibers with the new high capacity DL/5 setting line.
The MCD3 space-dyeing machine is now able to produce 15 different color shades, and offers exclusive dyeing effects such as the ‘bi-color’ printing. The yarn pattern design is realized on the Yarndraw3 software, enabling all combinations of spot lengths, colors and effects for creating exciting new styles of carpets.


SUPERBA, now being the ‘yarn pole’ of the VANDEWIELE family of companies, was also exhibiting the winder module of the VANDEWIELE BXE tricolor extrusion machine. The newly developed texturing system ensures repeatability of crimp values, improved cooling of the texturized yarn and an increase in crimp stability


Our charming hostesses helped our customers to find the right person to speak to, or to order digital brochures thanks to our new on-line leaflet system.


Rugs achieved with the exclusive features offered by the MCD3 space-dyeing machine, such as one-pile/one-color or bi-color printing technology, were displayed on the booth.


The stand was equipped with a high performance VR installation to experiment both SUPERBA and VANDEWIELE machines in virtual factories. The visitors were able to walk along the production lines and to interact with the machines, performing a maintenance operation on the SUPERBA MCD3 space-dyeing machine for example, or to climb on top of a VANDEWIELE extrusion module to learn how granulates are transformed into filaments


The strong interest shown in our major innovations forebode high upcoming sales potential


The whole SUPERBA team wishes to thank all the visitors who came to share their projects with us and helped us into making this 2019 edition of ITMA a great success.

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