ITMA Milano 2015 Fair review
ITMA2015/itma-2015.jpgSUPERBA would like to thank all the visitors who came visiting us - Read more ...


SUPERBA was present on a 320 sq.m booth and exhibited 3 new machines, including the new TVP/3S line, the latest version of the MCD/3 for space-dyeing and one extrusion module from VANDEWIELE:


The whole SUPERBA team warmly thanks all our visitors and friends who came to our booth for sharing their projects.


SUPERBA was showing for the first time the TVP/3S, their new version of the already famous heat-setting line TVP/3, with a lot of improvements:


  TVP/3S new automatic doors for a completely safe and full access to the tightening heads :


One of the most important improvements of the TVP/3S is the new Multi-Laying-Unit (MLU), that enables to lay straight-set yarn on the conveyor belt or switch to frieze mode within one minute. On top of the regular frieze effect type MF4, this patented new universal head is also able to produce a new type of frieze yarn with highly even waves and very light frieze effect (MF400):


On top of our multiple live demonstrations, we also had a 3D stereoscopic cabin where we have shown to our visitors all the new features of the TVP/3S; the 3D show included an impressive virtual journey inside the machine itself reproducing the path of the yarn bundle inside the heat-setting tunnel.

We had a great number of visitors on our booth everyday who came to see our machines and the high quality of the final products achievable with our different processes:
Our new MCD/3 Dyeing machine has also raised a lot of interest among our customers : not only the machine is now able to simultaneously space-dye a bundle of 72 ends , but it has the ability to be combined with on-line texturing and heat-setting in one single continuous process thanks to our new MF400 frieze box:


For this first edition under the banner of our new mother company, VandeWiele, we have also exhibited their new extrusion module which has left a very positive impression on the visitors :

Once again, SUPERBA and VANDEWIELE want to thank all the persons, visitors, friends, agents, and contributors who helped us make from this event a huge success.


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